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The New Jeep Bed

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There will be several stock themes and colors to choose from - starting with a pink jeep (w/white trim) for girls and a safari version for the boys.
This jeep looks like the real thing and is built to scale, universally acclaimed by those watching the process as too cute, but authentic enough where older children will like it too. And this is not a profile cutout either, it has a hood that opens, fold down windshield, spare tire, real tail lights, side mirrors, bumpers etc.
Because of high demand we have added full lighting. Both the headlights and tail lights turn on from a switch on the dash, too cute. Great as night light too.
The twin version sells for $1495 and the full size version sells for $1645.
Below are few pictures taken of the first one when we were assembling it in a model home.

kids jeep bed theme
kids jeep bed theme 7
kids jeep bed theme 2
kids jeep bed theme 4 kids jeep bed theme 3
Twin Dimensions: 83" L x 44 W x 32 H (Bumpers L, Fenders W, Top of Windshield H)
Mattress Size: Twin (mattress only)
Full Dimensions: 83" L x 59 W x 32 H (Bumpers L, Fenders W, Top of Windshield H)
Mattress Size: full (mattress only)

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Disclaimer: This is our rendition of a classic Jeep made into a child's bed, an American icon since World War II, and this kid's bed is not a product licensed or endorsed by Jeep (Chrysler).

Manufactured by McKids Furniture of Nevada.